About Us

The BSBS Antibody Facility has been producing hybridoma cell lines since 1991. Experienced in all aspects of hybridoma development, staff members have generated monoclonal antibodies against

▪    cytoskeletal proteins

▪    plant enzymes

▪    tags e.g. STREP-Tag

▪    peptides

Hybridoma cell lines developed at BSBS Antibody Facility remain the exclusive property of the client and we guarantee not to claim any rights on the hybridoma nor the antibodies. Documentation required to trace each cell line is maintained. All client projects are treated with strict confidentiality.

Flexibility is our task

Starting from your project goals we can provide you with a support for all your production and post-production antibody projects. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that the monoclonal antibodies we provide are tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges.

Range of monoclonal services:

▪    Anti-Protein antibodies

▪    Anti-Peptide antibodies

▪    Antibody production in "MiniPerm"

▪    Epitope mapping (on request)

▪    Cell line storage in liquid nitrogen

Send your contact details to s.buchmeier@tu-bs.de and we will be pleased to discuss your project goals with you.

For technical support, application of our products and other research questions please send your request to

info@antibody-facility.de or call +49 - 531 - 391- 55267